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Last Updated: April 30, 2016
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For P2P loans, CircleBack Lending is a good choice if you are looking for larger amount than what many other services offer. While your amount, rates and fees depend on how you personally qualify, you could potentially receive a lower origination fee than with many other peer-to-peer lending companies. However, if your credit is not great, your loan grade could cause you to have a higher APR than what other services offer. But if your credit history is very good and you need a larger-than-average loan amount, CircleBack Lending is a good choice.

Quick Facts

Minimum Credit Score
Maximum Loan Amount
Loan Duration
60 months
6.63% - 35.18%
Origination Fee
0.99% - 4.99%
Days to Close
1 days

Expert Walkthrough

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CircleBack Reviews

Lending Tree 2016-04-23

I submitted all my information on a weekday work morning for my loan. Within an hour or so I had a rep giving me a call to confirm my information. My loan was closed and I had my money within less than a week. It took a simple bank verification, email verification and a quick phone call with rep to get her my proof of income to her fast by email and/or fax. It was a very quick and easy process. Highly recommend to anyone that needs help

Super Money 2016-02-19

This was the exact service I was looking for to pay down some credit card debt and could not be happier with how easy, yet secure the whole process was.

bestcompany 2016-01-15

I have wasted a week’s worth of time and sent over all my sensitive information for nothing. I could have been working with a lender who would REALLY approve me…..because of the time lapse, I am in a deeper bind. Thanks Circle Back…you could have called me to discuss verse sending me an email at the end of the day on day 5! Thanks for circling back and producing nothing but pain and heartache for my family with your empty approvals!

Credit Karma 2016-01-27

Applied for this personal loan to consolidate credit cards. Rate was great @14% considering my fair credit. I had a score of 662 when I applied. Application was simple and was approved in less then 24 hours. Funds were wired and in my account the following day.