Karrot Review

Last Updated: April 30, 2016
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Karrot is a great solution for those looking for speedy funding at lower rates than one would receive through a traditional bank or credit card advance. However, its interest rates aren’t the lowest we’ve seen, which is why it’s worth it to shop around.

Quick Facts

Minimum Credit Score
Maximum Loan Amount
Loan Duration
60 months
6.44% - 29.27%
Origination Fee
1.05% - 4.75%
Days to Close
30 days

Expert Walkthrough

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Karrot Reviews

Super Money 2015-02-28

Getting a loan has never been easier. Within minutes i got my decision and within 2 days money in my bank. And all taken care of online. No phone calls nothing. Thanks Karrot. Its been a great help. Only downfal is the amount to be paid back short terms. Be prepared to pay close to $300 monthly for 36 months on a $8000 loan.

Super Money 2014-11-11

It's important to note that the payoff terms are 36 or 60 months. If you get a substantial loan, you will have repayment terms that can be substantial and may throw off your budget, so budget accordingly before you take out the money. I found out the hard way. I would suggest taking out the least amount that you need.