Rebalance IRA Review

Last Updated: February 29, 2016

Rebalance IRA
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Rebalance IRA is good for managing your retirement portfolios. The focus of this robo-advisor is to teach consumers on how to invest the right way.

Quick Facts

Minimum Deposit
Assets Under Management
$245 Million
Year Founded
Number of Users

Fee Structure

Account ValueAnnual Fee


Single Stock Diversification
Direct Indexing
Tax Loss Harvesting
Fractional Shares
Human Advisors

Supported Account Types

Taxable Accounts
401k Plans
IRA Accounts
Roth IRA Accounts
SEP IRA Accounts
Trust Accounts
529 Plan Accounts

Expert Walkthrough

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Rebalance IRA Reviews

For younger people with less complicated portfolios, an automated portfolio manager might be a perfectly good solution to optimizing your retirement earnings. As retirement approaches, however, getting more personalized advice to fit your unique needs could save you time and effort. Rebalance IRA’s focus on teaching consumers how to invest more wisely can be a boon for those looking for more personal advice that doesn’t break the bank.