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Open an account and get 60 days of commission-free internet trading (with a minimum of $5,000).

Quick Facts

Minimum Deposit
Trade Commission (Stock)
$4.95 per trade
Trade Commission (Option, per trade)
Trade Commission (Option, per contract)

OptionsHouse Fee Structure

Trade Commission (Stock)$4.95
Trade Option (Option, per trade)$4.95
Trade Commission (Option, per contract)$0.50
Broker Assisted Trade$25.00
Mutual Fund Trade Fee$20.00
IRA Annual Fee$0.00
IRA Account Closing Fee$60.00

OptionsHouse Features

24/7 Support
Virtual Trading
Retail Locations0
ATM Fee Reimbursement
Checking Account
Savings Account
Commission Free ETFs0
Clearing CompanyApex Clearing

Supported Platforms

Trade on your terms. Whether you prefer the power of a native desktop client, the convenience of a web platform, or the mobility of an iOS or Android app, make sure that the brokerage you select works the way you like to work.


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OptionsHouse Reviews

The Simple Dollar

Great choice for expert traders OptionsHouse is a bargain for seasoned investors, but isn’t the best option for less experienced traders.

Wise Stock Buyer

Great for trade options OptionsHouse are a good broker for anyone who’s looking to trade options for the first time. Their range of options training is second to none and you shouldn’t underestimate the level of training required to become proficient in options.

Warrior Trading

Cheaper ommission structure options per contact Options House offers a commission structure is fixed and fairly competitive. The options per contract pricing is cheaper than most of the big retail brokerages. The stock pricing is flat rate at $4.95, but most of the traders using this broker are probably not trading much stock. I would like to see an option centric broker that is even more competitive in options pricing.

Money Crashers

Affordable structure fees I think that the low fees are a major selling point for OptionsHouse. They have the lowest fee structure in the industry and a low cost per contract for options trading.

Cash Cow Couple

Lowest fees for individual stocks If you are looking to buy an individual stock or ETF, you'll have a difficult time finding a more budget friendly brokerage firm.

Investorjunkie 2016-11-11

Not for investing long-term A low-cost broker that targets options traders with some advanced research tools. While great for active traders, long-term investors wanting to purchase mutual funds or make a few trades a year might want to look elsewhere.

Reviews.com 2015-11-11

Trading tools and low costs are the pros OptionsHouse has a winning combination of low trading costs and fees plus some of the best options trading tools around. They may not offer the same additional resources as other brokers, but that wouldn't be your primary reason for choosing OptionsHouse in the first place.


Lower price and more trading tools While OptionsHouse may be a discount broker, its offerings easily stack up against more expensive options. The company frequently shows up in our best-of lists, and takes the top spot for options trading because it delivers what most seasoned traders want: fast execution and plenty of sophisticated trading tools at a low price.

StockBrokers.com 2016-12-16

Very competitive commission rates The uniting of OptionsHouse and TradeMONSTER in 2014 under the OptionsHouse name was a fantastic marriage for current and new customers. OptionsHouse’s platform is top notch and commission rates are extremely competitive.