Dashlane and the Evolution of Online Payment Systems

    A new digital wallet aims to help people save time and secure their personal data while shopping.

    How simple is online shopping for you? Do you find it annoying that you have to enter similar information over and over again just to buy a product?

    Even if it is easy, are you concerned at all that someone might be lurking around, ready to take your personal information?

    With the threat of identity theft and security breaches, maybe online shopping isn’t as safe as retailers claim. However, a new app out helps to make your shopping experience more seamless and secure.

    Dashlane, an app created by co-founders Alexis Fogel, Jean Guillou and Guillaume Maron, is on a mission to help online users navigate the web more safely. Their digital wallet features aim to help people shop online quicker without sacrificing security.

    Why Dashlane Was Created

    Fogel and his co-founders noticed how Amazon 1-click checkout made it so easy for online users to purchase items quickly and wanted to recreate the same type of experience for all online shipping. What they noticed was that the actual challenge was how people were exchanging personal information online.

    Dashlane also understands the potential security breaches with online shopping. Whenever people enter their personal information, their personal data is being sent to vendors who might end up being targeted by hackers.

    Knowing this, Alexis Fogel understands all too well why people are hesitant to enter personal information, let alone store it on online shopping portals.

    “A valid credit card number is worth one dollar on the black market,” he says. “Any online retailer that stores sensitive information is making itself an attractive target for hackers, not to mention that security is often not the core competency of online retailers.”

    He’s also noticed that people find it cumbersome to create new passwords with every new account they open or typing in the same financial information over and over again when they purchase online.

    Fogel wants to create a future that has not only more privacy online but one that is more secure and easier to use. Dashlane’s mission today is to make online identity simpler and more secure everywhere.

    How Dashlane Works

    Dashlane’s app allows users to store their information on their online digital wallet. Once you enter in all your information, such as your personal details and payment types, all your data is stored locally. To access it, you have one master password you use, as well as a PIN number. The reason this is safer than other options out there is because your master password is stored locally, so there is no chance that hackers can break into your account.

    Not only will your digital wallet store your credit card, debit card and other only payment information, but it stores billing addresses for each one (if they differ). You’ll also get notified whenever a form of payment is about to expire so you remember to update any information needed.

    When you go shopping, all you have to do is pull up your digital wallet and all relevant information is pre-filled out for you. There is no need to store any of this information on a website that you’re unsure of, as the app will keep automatically filling out your information every time you go back on the same websites.

    The advantage to this app is that your information is kept safe even if you go online in places where they is open wifi. Also, it’s convenient to use as it syncs across all your devices. To make it even more secure, you have the option of auto-locking your wallet.

    Another feature of Dashlane is that the app automatically keeps itemized receipts of all your shopping. It includes screenshots so you don’t forget when and where you purchased something.

    Dashlane hopes that their app makes data entry seamless and that all internet activity becomes more secure.

    The Future of Dashlane

    Dashlane users on Trust Pilot have noted that it’s super simple to use, even to those who aren’t technically savvy. It’s also a great app to use because they can sync their information every time they purchase or use a new device. For those who are worried about internet security, so far the app lives up to its promise about keeping all information secure.

    Dashlane has a free version for users to try out before they commit. The main difference between that and the pro version is with the pro version, you can sync across all devices and have all your information securely backed up.

    It might be worth splurging for the $39.99 per year fee if you do a lot of online transactions. It would be a shame for someone to steal your precious information.

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